Adjustable Beds

Adjustable Bed Showroom

The Sleep Center is Ocala, Florida is your personal adjustable bed showroom. We offer America's finest products from the the top manufacturers. Some people refer to these as hospital beds or electric beds or motion bases. No matter what you call them, they refer to the ultimate in comfort for those that enjoy the fun of remote control adjustability. Not only do they provide great comfort, using an adjustable bed can greatly reduce snoring, acid reflux and other health concerns, too.

Not all adjustable beds are created equal, so we recommend a visit to our professional showroom to lay down and try out the different models. This is the only way you can truly grasp the many features that differ from model to model and find the right one for you. It's best to lay flat for a few minutes to relax and settle into a natural position. Next, you should raise your feet a few inches and raise your head about a foot. Once you absorb this position for about ten minutes, level it all out flat and see how your back, neck, legs and feet feel. Now, add in some luxury features like heat and massage before snuggling in for a bit.

Sleep Great Tonight!

Our Mattress Experts are here to provide exceptional customer service, so please let us know how we can assist you. Give us a call at (352) 690-2339 with any questions.

The Sleep Center Delivery TeamOnce you have the perfect adjustable base, you will need professional handling of your order so that your items arrive on time and in perfect condition. This is another advantage of shopping with The Sleep Center since our entire system is custom designed to give you the best in service and selection. Our professional delivery team are employees of The Sleep Center, not hired movers. They are trained by us and understand our expectations of treating you with respect & care - before, during and after the sale.