Mattress Showroom

The Sleep Center is the South's most-trusted sleep specialty showroom. We are here to provide you with a great mattress shopping experience with a fully-stocked, modern mattress showroom representing the finest bedding products in America. Our products are offered at the best value and are ready for immediate pick-up or next day delivery. We are the mattress experts and we have an absolute focus on pleasing you by making your mattress shopping experience relaxed, educational, and relatable to your needs.

We know that the industry terms and meanings are complex and confusing to most consumers. We will take the time to explain everything so that it make sense to you without pressuring you to buy. Our exclusive system for matching each person with the right mattress was designed & perfected by us over many years to ensure a proper fit and a quality shopping experience. We are full-service, authorized retailers for several mattress manufacturers that represents dozens of mattress models to encompass every possible configuration of comfort, support and price point. Choose from Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Stearns & Foster, and Symbol, along with adjustable bases, headboards, bunkbeds, futons and so much more.

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Tempur-Pedic’s exclusive sleep technology is the only mattress recommended worldwide by more than 25,000 health care professionals. TEMPUR® material responds to your body’s unique shape, weight, and temperature, automatically adapting to support your body. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach (or change positions during the night), a Tempur-Pedic mattress conforms to you. You get the exact support and comfort your body needs.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses adapt to the curves of your body, supporting you evenly. Heavier areas, like your shoulders and hips, sink in further, while lighter areas sink in less. Even support allows for better alignment, so your body can more fully relax and experience deeper sleep. We are a select retailer for all Tempur-Pedic products.


Sealy's legacy started in Sealy, TX way back in 1881 when Daniel Haynes, a cotton gin builder, started Sealy by making cotton filled mattresses for friends. In 1889, he invented a machine that compressed cotton. True to the Sealy heritage, their mattresses redefined sleep with a dedication to craftsmanship and intricate detail that is presented well today with three distinct mattress lines, featuring Posturepedic Technology throughout each mattress.

If you like a traditional innerspring bed, the new response line from Sealy is something you will want to explore. Enjoy a comfortable sleep-on-the-top feeling. If you like the modern advancements of memory foam beds, the new conform line will cradle you with that oh so body hugging support. If you like the best of both worlds, the new hybrid beds are sure to be loved with the coil construction paired with super support of foam.

Stearns & Foster

Stearns & Foster mattresses are offered in four distinct collections to present the absolute best bed for everyone. More than just the top-of-the-line Stearns & Foster, the Reserve Collection features the ultimate mattress. The Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Hybrid is a distinct half foam / half spring mattress on the leading edge of innovation and, at the same time, thoroughly grounded in tradition. And the Lux Estate and Estate collections presents the finest in quality materials to bring you something special at an affordable price point.


Symbol mattresses are designed with your comfort in mind while understanding that value is just as important to many consumers. That is what makes Symbol so perfect for so many consumers today. We offer three different mattress series, which allows us to have a Symbol mattress just for you. The Contemporary Series offers unrivaled quality with top of the line materials and a modern look. The Premium Series presents upgraded looks and more advanced materials. And lastly, The Traditional Series is a classic line of timeless mattresses that is sure to please any budget-conscience shopper.

Adjustable Beds

Some people refer to these as hospital beds or electric beds or motion bases. No matter what you call them, they refer to the ultimate in comfort for those that enjoy the fun of remote control adjustability. Not only do they provide great comfort, using an adjustable bed can greatly reduce snoring, acid reflux and other health concerns, too. Not all adjustable beds are created equal, so we recommend a visit to our professional showroom to lay down and try out the different models. This is the only way you can truly grasp the many features that differ from model to model and find the right one for you. It's best to lay flat for a few minutes to relax and settle into a natural position. Next, you should raise your feet a few inches and raise your head about a foot. Once you absorb this position for about ten minutes, level it all out flat and see how your back, neck, legs and feet feel. Now, add in some luxury features like heat and massage before snuggling in for a bit.


Did you know that Futons are actually made up of several components that can be mixed & matched to create something uniquely you? Futon frames come in wood, metal, rattan, and a blend of these materials to make lots of different styles. A futon mattress can vary greatly in thickness, materials and styles, which will bring a wide range of prices and comfort levels, too. Your intended use will help determine which one is right for you. Now you will want to pick out a colorful futon cover, some futon pillows and possibly some storage pieces. These are all available in endless styles to compliment your decor.


One of the great things about a new headboard and/or footboard set is how quickly and cost-effective they are at transforming a tired bedroom. With a simple change of these items, your bedroom will seem new and lively again. This will start you on an exciting journey of enjoying your bedroom once again and bring about a sense of newness without the added expense of a complete bedroom furniture set. The style of your headboard can be completely different from your furniture, so you can bring in a new design to every few years or so.

Kids' Beds

One of our most-popular kid's products is our bunkbeds, which solves the problem of tight spaces and multi-use rooms. Bunkbeds have been in use since the 1500's by the Egyptians, which makes them a solid addition to the bedroom today. Of course, bunkbeds have been reinvented over time to do so much more than just provide extra sleep surfaces. When you need more than a standard bunkbed, such as an additional space for storage or a fun play area or a study desk, we offer those in a variety of styles and finishes, too. We even offer a sleep surface up top and nothing down below. Another popular bunkbed configuration is to have a mattress up top and a futon down below, which makes the room functional.

Bed Pillows

Did you know that a bed pillow is a vital component of your sleep system? A great mattress will fall flat without the right pillow and often times a great pillow can revive a flat mattress. Whether you mattress is a bit worn or completely new, we can provide the right help in determining what bed pillow will get you to sleep in comfort. Just as each person has the ideal mattress preference, there is a certain pillow that is right for you. Factors like your body type and sleep style will greatly affect what pillow shape and what materials are needed to bring your the ultimate in comfort & support. It's not a guessing game, it's proven science that we perfected after years of absolute success for our customers.


From sheets, comforters, duvet sets, and mattress protectors, to box springs, bedframes, bed risers, and more... we invite you to come and cozy right up to the perfect bedding accessory. Once you have all of those goodies covered, why not explore a Tempur-Pedic sleep mask? And let's not overlook that worn out bed pillow that needs some attention. Your bed pillow is put through the paces each night and should be replaced when you find yourself tossing and turning too often. Next to your mattress, your bed pillow is critical in providing proper support and alignment to your head & neck, and the rest of your body, too. Depending on your sleep style, the specific pillow you need varies greatly, which is why we carry a wide selection of bed pillows to match you with the right one for you.